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1. Children (ages 4-6) must be accompanied by an adult to and from class. Teachers are not available to supervise children until class time begins. Children should be picked up promptly after class.

2. Zero Tolerance Policy: any participants, parents/spectators, whether on or off ice, displaying inappropriate or disruptive behavior which interferes with others or the event on ice will not be tolerated. Inappropriate and disruptive behavior shall include use of obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at any time. Taunting of participants, coaches or spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence. Throwing of any object in spectators viewing area, players’ bench, penalty box, or on ice surface, directed in any manner as to create a safety hazard.  Crystal Ice House maintains the right to dismiss the participant, parents/spectators from class or remove from facility and no refund will be given.

3. Attendance Policy: when you register for a class, we assume that the participant will attend each class, arrive on time, and stay for the entire class. Please be considerate of the instructor and inform them if any changes will occur for you or your child.

4. Make-Up Policy: we allow two make-up classes per session. All make-up classes must be pre-scheduled with the rink office prior to the make-up sessions. Any additional make-ups due to special circumstances must be in writing and approved by the Skating Director. If a make-up class is needed, the participant may make up the class when offered at another time during the same session. No make-ups are allowed the first or last week of the session. A make-up class card needs to be obtained from rink office before the skater is allowed on the ice. No carryovers of make-ups to another session.

5. Free Time Policy: parents and siblings of participant are allowed to skate during free time, which is the last 15 minutes of group class. Absolutely no rough housing or show boating, we ask that all parents are respectful and skate appropriately. A ticket waiver is required.

6. Practice Ice Policy: all enrolled group class skaters are eligible to participate in the scheduled practice ice time. ONLY skaters who are enrolled in group classes will be permitted on the ice. Instructors are available on ice for a mini-scheduled lesson and also to monitor the practice ice. There is no make-up or refunds for a missed practice ice time.


7. Refund policy:    

a. Requesting a refund before the class session date has started, you will be granted a full refund minus a $25.00 service charge.     
b. Requesting a refund before the third class meeting you will be granted a prorated refund for unused classes minus a $25.00 administrative fee.    
c. No refunds will be issued after the third-class meeting.    
d. No refunds allowed for social media discounts or promotions.

8. Medical Refund Policy for Group Classes: in the event of an injury/illness, a doctor’s statement is required within 30 days verifying. A refund is granted for the remaining unused classes from date of injury/illness minus a $25.00 admin fee.

9. Medical Refund Policy for Unlimited Ice: in the event of an injury/illness, a doctor’s statement is required within 30 days verifying. A partial refund is granted for non-attended days during injury/illness minus a $25.00 admin fee.  A doctor’s statement clearing skater will be required upon return. However, no refund will be granted after skater has benefited in at least 2/3 of available skating session.

10. Skate Rental Cards: no refunds are given.

11. Check policy: there is a $25.00 charge for any returned checks.

12. Membership to Affiliate Organizations: we will automatically register all group classes participants with Learn To Skate USA (LTSUSA) which is the structure of how our group classes are taught. The membership to LTSUSA is required. In addition, we will automatically register any hockey skater in group classes with USA Hockey for educational and informational purposes.                       

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